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Anna Childs is a cabinet-maker with more than 30 years self-employment and teaching experience. She uses locally sourced temperate hardwoods and manufactured boards from sustainable sources.


Anna recently retired from teaching furniture making and joinery at The Sheffield College. In the past Anna also taught furniture design and making at the University of Lancashire.


Anna will now be spending more time designing and making her own furniture for exhibition and to commission. She regularly exhibits her work, including an annual invitation to exhibit as part of Holmfirth Artweek.


Anna is interested in making furniture for our everyday lives using simple forms and elegant shapes.


Anna's Leaning Shelf in Oak and Valchromat was shown as part of ‘Made in Sheffield’ which was a major exhibition held at the Millennium Gallery in 2016.

Anna both works to commission and makes speculative pieces for exhibition and sale. She takes part in local open studio events. Recent commissions include a number of bespoke Wall-hanging Cupboards.

Anna Childs

Furniture Designer/Maker

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